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3-5 November, 2017 | Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India


Mr. Ramesh Mahapatra

Mr. Ramesh Mahapatra

Designation : CHAIRMAN

Company : MAGNUM Group

India Presence :

  • Mr. Mahapatra has about 35 years of experience and as the Chairman of MAGNUM, he spearheads the organization. He started his career with IPICOL, a financial institution and moved onto becoming an entrepreneur in 1984. Having a B-Tech degree in Chemical Engineering, he also holds a diploma in Development Banking from Management Development Institute (MDI), New Delhi, India.
  • Responsible for starting the various companies of MAGNUM Group, initially he started with a Consultancy firm and gradually ventured into the manufacturing sector. Under his leadership MAGNUM is growing rapidly in the SME sector.
  • Mr. Mahapatra is an active member with several organizations, which work towards the development of industries in Odisha. He has also been nominated as the President of Industrial Association of Bhubaneswar, Odisha and the President of Sea Foods Association of Odisha.Currently he is the president of Utkal Chamber of Commerce & Industry,the apex association of Trade & Industry in thr state of Odisha. On the personal front, Mr. Mahapatra is a voracious reader and likes to spend time with family. His two year old grand son is the joy in his life.

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