World Food India is a unique opportunity for global and domestic stakeholders to interact, collaborate, and connect with each other. The conferences will delve deep into global trends in different areas of the food processing sector such as technologies, innovation, leadership, value chains and will provide an understanding of global and Indian markets.

The participants will have an opportunity to listen and learn from the top CEOs, policy makers, and experts from around the globe and gain insights on the working of the entire eco-system of food processing.

Seminars and Conferences

# Plenary
1) Plenary 1: Unlocking Food Processing sector in India
2) Plenary 2: FPI Vision 2030
Theme Based Conferences
# Conferences
1) Food Packaging - New Trends & Challenges
2) Evolving Technologies in Food Processing (R&D)
3) Tribal / Traditional Foods of India
4) Food Processing in the Digital Age
5) Startup Driven Innovation in Food Processing
6) Women Leadership
7) Integration of Food Organizations into Value Chain
8) MSME: Backbone of Food Processing Sector
Sub-sector Seminars
# Seminars
1) India’s Growth Story towards Blue Revolution
2) Addressing Challenges of Dairy Industry
3) Opportunities in Poultry and Meat
4) Fruits & Vegetables - Market Linkages and Value Chain Interventions
5) The Evolving Consumer and Beverage Industry

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